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Paula Barber - Weed & Pest Supervisor
PO Box 265
Onida, SD 57564
Tele: (605) 280-1151
Fax: (605) 258-2729

On February 7, 1984, the Sully County Commissioners held a hearing to establish a Sully County Weed and Pest Board, appointing the following first board members: Brett Barber, Elmer Mosiman, Melvin Johnson, Milt Burgeson and Jerome Yackley. Sully County’s first weed & pest grant was received in 1996 for $5114.75 to expand the weed program and to spray noxious weeds. Since then, Sully County has received a grant every year. In 2007, the Weed & Pest Board was awarded a $5000.00 specialty grant (a new or innovative idea) on controlling noxious weeds to produce and distribute a CD “infomercial” called “Noxious Weed Guide for subdivisions in Sully County – A guide for new land owners in South Dakota”. It will be sent to all new land owners in Sully County to educate them on noxious weeds: how to identify, locate, and treat them. In addition, a maintence grant of $200.00 was issued to update and purchase new equipment.
Current Weed & Pest Board Members
  • Paula Barber, Supervisor
  • Theron Stephens
  • Conner Archer
  • Tom Yackley
  • Allen Weischedel
  • Joe Fanger, Jr.
 Weed and Pest Supervisors
  • Dale Weischedel, 1984-1990
  • Rod Grueb, 1990-1995
  • Scott Yackley, 1995-1998
  • Paula Barber, 1998-present.
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