Susan Lamb - Auditor
Kelli Stephens - Deputy Auditor
PO Box 265
Onida, SD 57564-0265
Tele: (605) 258-2541
Fax: (605) 258-2884

The Sully County Auditor is elected to a four-year term and officially assumes the office on the first Monday in March following the election.  The Auditor is the executive secretary to the Sully County Board of Commission, financial officer, personnel officer and the election supervisor.

As executive secretary for the Board of Commission the Auditor schedules all meetings, prepares the meeting agendas and takes minutes during the meetings.

As financial officer, the Auditor oversees all fiscal action, ensuring that funds are used properly.  Before the Board of Commission approves payment of claims against Sully County, the Auditor checks all requests for payment.  All aspects of payroll for Sully County are handled by the Auditor’s office.  This includes all payroll and benefits reports. 

The annual budget for Sully County begins and ends in the Auditor’s office.  The Auditor prepares the budget for the following year by compiling revenue, expense and levy estimates.  A provisional budget is examined by the Board of Commission in September with the final budget being approved and published prior to October 1st.  The Auditor also prepares the Annual Report at the end of the year.

The Auditor generates the tax statements for Sully County.  Mill levies are calculated by the Auditor for all taxing districts.  Upon collection of the property taxes the Auditor then disburses these funds to the appropriate taxing districts monthly.

The Auditor maintains Sully County’s fixed asset inventory.  This includes reviewing and updating insurance coverage for Sully County property.

As personnel officer the Auditor handles all personnel files, maintains the Sully County Employee Handbook, reviews group health insurance coverage as well as each of the additional employee benefit programs.

The Auditor is the election supervisor for the primary, general and special county, state and federal elections.  The Auditor trains elections workers, prepares and issues election supplies to election workers, and oversees Sully County vote centers on Election Day as well as vote tabulation upon closing of the polls.

The Auditor also issues all Sully County beer and liquor licenses.

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